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Few of the tanning lamps we use as UV components with the Ergo line sunbeds are —

magnetic lamp

Magnetic Lamps

Magnetic is a new series of lamps, which was recognized by our customers as the product of
2015! Ergo line’s 25 years of experience in designing trend-setting UV lamps for tanning clearly reflects in this new technology lamp with its triple quality control and triple bronzing effects that
makes it seamless and efficient throughout
its lifetime.

Flame Lamps

Flame Lamps

This is by far one of the best lamps that the New Technology sunbeds have ever offered. It offers incredible power combined with Sol Glass, a type of glass that guarantees a great effect. Besides, the combination of precious gases used in high pressure bronze lamps that have high UVA levels, with a more passive glass in the low spectrum of UVB rays, makes this flame lamp unique. This is thus called the Double Bronze Lamp.

hybrid red collagen

Hybrid Red Collagen

The red and near infrared lights regenerate damaged cells; promote healing of wounds; rebuild red tissue and stimulates collagen production. It further prevents skin ageing; eliminates skin’s elasticity, stretch marks; reduces wrinkles and uneven skin tone; regulates blood pressure and prevents
hair loss.

Brown Town- Tanning Salon

Established in the year 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, we are a tanning salon and spa service that really cares about your skin and helps you achieve the perfectly tanned look, so you can always feel like you have come right off the beach. Our certified and trained team of professional skincare experts offer you safe tanning along with a dedicated, friendly customer service. Our wide range of tanning lotions, cosmetics such as Tan Desire, Onyx, Australian Gold, Onyx, Soleo and the latest Sunbed equipment from Megasun, Ergoline and Soltron helps you get the desired result along with the benefit of Vitamin D.
At Brown Town, we take pride in the supreme Sunbed equipment we use and the hybrid tanning lamps called Collagen sunbeds. This includes the blue and red light therapy new technology lamps that is converted to positive cellular energy, building collagen and triggering melanin production in the skin for effective tanning. This technology has several positive effects on your skin – it heals your skin from within, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks, soothes muscular pains and cramps, works to improve Eczema, Acne, psoriasis, regenerates healthy skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and more. With such benefits, your skin feels rejuvenated, firm, supple and healthy. All this while offering relaxation as you pamper yourself in our lie-down Sunbeds and get ready for the pre-holiday tan.

The Process

Tanning Salon Process

Our dedicated UV tanning Salon not only helps you get the perfect tan but also advices you tanning lotions to be used both before and after the sessions, so you can have a long-lasting and flawless tanning effect and keep your skin hydrated. We recommend our customers to use Forever After Moisturizer of Australian Gold or other Aloe Vera-based products. Our Australian Gold cosmetics are paraben-free. It’s recommended to use tanning creams provided in sunbed shops after the tanning process is complete as these expand and intensify the tan and also moisturize the skin. Some of them such as the Accelerator (AG) have extra Native oils and vitamin E to nourish and replenish your skin.
We attribute our growth and success to the cutting-edge equipment we use, our certified and professional staff committed to delivering personalized care as well as clean, well-maintained tanning studios that help you achieve the summer look any time of the year. We also customize our tanning solutions depending on your needs and preferences and recommend the combinations of lotions and equipment so you can have an optimal tanning experience based on your skin type and the desired tanning outcomes.

Get a beautiful tan as you prepare for your upcoming vacation!


Collagen Sunbed tanning involves tanning through powerful UV technologies using medium intensity hybrid lamps for a total of about between 5 and 10 minutes. These work to oxidize and stimulate melanin production in the skin to achieve flawless, uniform tanning.
The usage majorly depends on the person’s skin type, hair and eye color. In the case that you are a regular customer, we know what works on your skin type and for how many minutes should they avail the tanning process. We have tanning solutions available for face, neck and shoulders. The effect of tanning is easily visible, just after the first session. We also have provisions for refreshing sprays for men and women, tissues, sunglasses and facial wipes in our tanning rooms. Our sunbeds have built-in Bluetooth for music, as well as air conditioning and aromatherapy amenities.

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