Some of our Innovative Red Light Therapy Lamps

Brown Town Tanning Salon is the only salon in Dublin offering you the various tanning solutions using the very innovative technologies like the Red Light Therapy Lamps and the collagen lamps. These technologies gives you a better and a longer look. If you are looking for a tanned look or a spa therapy –

Mega Sun Sunbed

Mega Sun Sunbeds in Brown Town

A modern top-of-the line sunbed variety, Megasun helps you maintain the normal levels of Vitamin D – a vitamin ingredient responsible for calcium absorption, improving bone density and reducing chances of cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes. Several studies have suggested that the use of latest Sunbeds like Megasun can significantly increase vitamin D levels and prevent its deficiencies especially during the winter months when there is a lack of sunlight. Known as ‘Solariums of the top class’, the innovative Megasun Sunbeds provide quality tanning — both healthy and simple to attain.

Lay Down/Stand Up Mega Sun Sunbeds

The New Technology Sunbed, Megasun bases its design and functionality of its stand up and lay down sunbeds based on their years of expertise in providing tanning solutions, their vast knowledge on the processes and systems involved and the user opinions. Their sunbeds are designed with an intelligent technique called ACS that smartly controls the intensity of the ventilation and the noise level, depending on the room temperature. During the beginning of the tanning session, the ACS controls the gradual increase in the cooling levels, and at the end, the tanning lamps and airing functions are gradually diminished. The whole experience is nothing but pure relaxation. These sunbeds also have a built-in aqua, a music system, a soothing aroma and a voice guide.

Ergo line Sunbed

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Being in the tanning industry for over two years, we know that established Sunbed brands such as Ergoline are the need of the hour so you can get customized tanning solutions. The futuristic design of Ergoline equipment with its clean lines and glossy exteriors balances the relation between its lighting effects and its functionality. Its ergonomic shape, innovative technologies, integrated headrest, armrests, footrests and varied temperature settings help you get the maximum comfort while ensuring smooth, even and balanced tanning. Further, the MP3 player connections, aqua mist, adjustable air cooling, voice control and aroma facilities enhance the comfort levels and add to the pleasure of a relaxed tanning experience and optimum results. This product includes facial tanning systems, filter panels and glass reflectors for effective UV reflection and ultra performance technologies for dynamic and energy-efficient results.

Soltron Sunbeds

Clear lines and a compact shape define this modern, compact Sunbed that sets the standard for tanning equipment. From facial tanners, low-pressure UV lamps, glass reflector technology to attractive design, the Soltron sunbeds are a popular choice for tanners. Moreover, its acrylic-contoured body, open, clear lines, comfort ventilation system, smooth airflow, aroma vitalizer system, stereo system with MP3 dock plus its variable power solutions for ultimate all-round tanning are added benefits. There are luxurious Soltron models as well that reflect only the effective parts of the UV spectrum and are ergonomically designed for a complete sun-drenched experience while you avail the benefits of its advanced cooling systems.

Soltron Sunbeds in Brown Town Dublin