My promotions are : the basic price is 1euro per minute usually
We do deals like this .. 40e – 40min plus free 2 cream sachet and 2 tans shots (worth up to 15euro ) , 60e – 60min plus free big bottle of any tanning crem up to 25 euro , 80e-80 min plus free bottle of any cream up to 35euro ,
another advert could be aobout collagene lamps , you could call it collagene sunbeds red skin healing light , below I enclose a photo with all information about the red light benefits .. I enclose view photos below ,
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The things we do best

With technically advanced Hybrid lamps called Collagen Sunbeds that include Blue Light and Red Light Therapy new technology lamps, we help you have a wonderful Holiday Tan and vitamin D required by the body.
How does this Red Light Therapy help?

  • The red light penetrates the skin to about 8 to 10 mm and is then converted to positive cellular energy that works metabolically to build collagen and rejuvenate your skin from within.
  •   It helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.
  •   Has skin healing benefits and provides effective tanning solutions
  •   Reduces freckles, age spots, eliminates acne and evens out pigmentation
  •   Minimizes the size of facial pores and diminishes blemishes.
  •   Stimulates Collagen synthesis
  •   Improves oxygenation and sensitizes skin
  •   Stimulates blood flow
  •   Strengthens the vascular walls of the small blood vessels and improves the process of natural repair of skin as well as regenerates healthy skin.

The Red Light therapy is possible due to the science of Photobiomodulation (PBM) and NASA’s extensive research on its usage proves this as effective for anti-aging treatment, hair loss prevention and hair re-growth, treating different skin conditions as well as minimizing pain. This light energy can improve the blood circulation and release endorphins and serotonin to naturally relieve pain. We use Megasun, Ergoline and Soltron Sunbeds that stimulate various cell types, are equipped to work at different depths to heal wounds and have long-term skincare benefits. Moreover, our wide and versatile range of tanning cosmetics viz. Australian Gold, Onyx, Soleo and Tan Desire help you get the desired sun-kissed skin tone.

We understand that every skin type is different and so are our systems and methods – our only goal is to help you have a beautiful, flawless and radiant skin that leaves you feeling great. We work to —

  •   Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Stretch Marks
  •   Diminish Freckles, Age Spots, Eliminate Acne and Even Out Pigmentation
  •   Minimize the size of Facial Pores and Diminish Blemishes
  •   Stimulate Collagen Synthesis
  •   Improve Oxygenation Skin Sensitization and Stimulate Blood Circulation
  •   Strengthen the Vascular Walls of the skin’s small blood vessels followed by improving  the natural repair processes of skin to make it healthy and glowing.

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